Closed on Mondays and other news

I have decided that I am closed, at least to social networking and social media, on Mondays. This means on Mondays I will be ignoring Twitter, Facebook (which is true most of the time anyway), the various forums I am a member on, and the email lists on am a part of. I might even ignore instant messenger but that is unlikely. I will also not be posting to this blog or posting new podcasts on Mondays with rare exception and during the month of October (see details below about Snark Infested Waters’ 30 days of Halloween.) So if you are looking for me at any of these online venues on Mondays with rare exceptions (like this post), you will not find me.

In other news…

Snark Tank Radio is on indefinite hiatus. I decided to put the show on hiatus after the finish of the Summer Serial so I can focus on other things.

For Halloween this year, I have decided to release at least 31 shows (one for each day of the month). Some of them will be interview with horror authors and audio producers, most of them will be some of my favorite Halloween or horror themed OTR episodes. I hope you enjoy all the shows. I am calling it Snark Infested Waters’ 30 days of Halloween. (It would be the 31 days of Halloween, but I wasn’t thinking when I recorded the intro.) And related to this I will not be putting out any new podcasts in the November and December of 2010.

And finally, I will being trying a bit harder to get a post up here at least once at week. I have lot of reviews to write and a few ideas for regular features. And considering the popularity of my article title “Freedom of Religion?“, you might get more opinion pieces as well.

2 thoughts on “Closed on Mondays and other news

  1. It does not annoy me that I’m missed. This is more for me to ensure to get away from the chaos of social media at least one day a week.

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