Mill Creek Entertainment

I recently picked up a collection of old horror films titled Night Screams (a collection of 50 classic horror flims on DVD) produced by Mill Creek Entertainment. I picked it up for a for a few reasons, but one of them was it contained a film titled Manfish, which stars Lon Chaney Jr. I saw the film as a kid and really enjoyed it, and wanted to relive the magic for Halloween. Unfortunately, when I got it home I discovered that the DVD containing Manfish was missing and I had received a duplicate of another DVD in the collection. Needless to say I was disappointed.

I decided that I would see if I could find contact information for Mill Creek Entertainment online in hopes that maybe they could replace the missing DVD. I didn’t have high hopes because I have purchased other collections like this from other companies that have contained defective DVDs only to find no recourse other than returning it to the place of purchase, which much like this case, is not always possible. But good fortune was with me and I found an email address for customer service on their website.

I sent an email explaining the situation, and to my surprise I receive a prompt reply the next business day. The customer service rep, who I will not name for privacy reasons, explained that they no longer make the Night Screams collection, but that they had the film, Manfish, in a different collection and asked if I would like that DVD instead. I agreed.

Within two business days, I received the replacement DVD with the film Manfish on it and another collection of 20 films from Mill Creek Entertainment titled: Undead: The Vampire Collection. That is great customer service. Not only did they find a DVD with the film I was interested in on it, they gave me 20 more movies to boot. I have been made more than whole in this matter, and would recommend Mill Creek Entertainments collections (which include more than just horror films) to anyone.

Thank you very much Mill Creek Entertainment, you rock!

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  1. Is there any way that you could share the contact info with me? I’m trying to find out how to get in touch about some dvds that I bought… Please and thanks

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