Clocks and Clouds

I’d like to take credit for the discovery of Clocks and Clouds, but I can’t. I was introduced to them, musically speaking, by my friend Jenny. I have very eclectic music tastes although I primarily listen to ‘80 alternative when I drive and I enjoy the Hearts Of Space music program. And Clocks and Clouds scratches that eclectic itch. 

My introduction to them was through this music video:

Clocks and Clouds is an instrumental trio of musicians based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The trio is made of a violin (played by Stephanie Shogren), a cello (played by Lucas Shogren), and drums (played by Derek Powers). (Derek Powers is a sweet name. Anything with power in it is sweet.)

I’ve been listening to Clocks and Clouds’ music on Amazon Music (that is the music service I happen to subscribe to, but I expect that their music can be found on Apple Music and Spotify as well). I’ve really enjoyed it so far. So far what I’ve heard is very upbeat. The violin work reminds me of Lindsey Sterling. (As a former violin player I enjoy anything with a violin in it.) All the members of the group are very talented. I recommend checking them out.

You can find out more about Clocks and Clouds at their very out of date website: 

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