What is this all about?

What is this all about? Well, that is a excellent question my friend, and I would like to answer it but you will have to bear with me a moment so I can lay some groundwork.

Hello. My name is Taylor Kent. You might know me from such great podcasts as Snark Infested Waters and Snark Tank Radio and Saturday Night in the Snark Cave (all of which I created, host, and produce); or you might know me from roles I played in various productions at BrokenSea Products or GyspyAudio or on Zombie Astronauts Frequency of Fear; or you might know me, if you happen to be from the future, for my best selling novels. And if you don’t know me well … Hi. My name is Taylor. It is nice to meet you.

Now to be clear, I am a geek. I am into: horror, science fiction, b-movies, video/computer games, writing, podcasting, audio production, audio drama, anime, comic books, zombies, Nerdcore, Dementia music, etc. And I am an explorer. Yes, an explorer. Okay, not an explorer in the sense of traveling to wild and exotic places and having awesome adventures (a la Indiana Jones), but in the sense of “I like to try different thing and see where they take me.”

I am also an entertainer. I like being the center of attention and making people laugh and tell cool stories and stuff like that. My outlet of this is my podcasts (which have been going strong since mid 2005), my writing (which has been on and off since the summer of my sophomore year of high school and is receiving a lot more focus right now), and, well, this blog.

And finally, I am a Christian. I know. I know. Does that mean this place is going to be filled with boring diatribes about how everyone is going to Hell and they need to be saved by Jesus. Well, no. (But everyone is going to Hell unless they are saved by Jesus.)

Oh yeah, I am a software engineer by day. That pays the bills right now. And I really don’t talk about that much.

All with all that said, what is this all about? Well, it is a place I can interact with you outside of the context of my podcasts, and, to be honest, away from the word “Snark”. Not that there is anything wrong with the word “Snark”. In fact, I am a bit obsessed with the word “Snark”. (I did name my self the Snarky Avenger and the Fandom Snark, and most of my podcasting efforts have “Snark” in their name.) And I am snarky. But I really wanted to get away from that for a while. I wanted a place were I can be Taylor, snarky or not, and because of that “Are Those My Gardening Gloves?” was born.

Now, I bet you are wondering about the name. I already explained about the “snark” think, and as I brainstormed possible names several good ones came up. I didn’t like any of them. So I turned to my favorite online cartoon series of all time (at least until I find something better), Waterman. In the Waterman series there is a band named 16 Buttons of Justice. (And yes, I have a signed copy of the one 16 Buttons of Justice album ever put out.) In episode 7 of the series 16 Buttons of Justice return with there new Television show, and in it they say the phrase “are those my gardening gloves?” In tribute to both 16 Buttons of Justice (Raccoon X Espinoza and Devon P Farmer) and the Waterman series, I have taken “are those my gardening gloves?” as a name for this place.

My hope is to make this a fun and interesting place you will enjoy visiting on a regular basis.



P.S. Here is episode 7 of Waterman for your viewing enjoyment:

P.P.S. You can find all of the awesome Waterman Series as well as Waterman Studio’s Puppets in the Park at http://www.watermanstudios.com/watermanseries/toons.php

P.P.P.S. Snark!

2 thoughts on “What is this all about?

  1. Sorry you are having a bad day. It could be worse you could be having a colonoscopy today. :o) I hope your day gets better.

    PS – I love the name of the blog. Variations that would pertain to me would be: Has anyone seen my gardening gloves? or Why can’t I find a matching pair of gardening gloves?

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