The Great Twitter Experiment

For the last three days I have shunned Twitter. In fact, I have shunned all social networks (Twitter, Facebook, etc) to see partly, how it would effect me, and partly, if anyone would notice. Now by shunned, I mean did not login to, look at, or participate in in anyway in social networks. This started on Firday, April 23rd and ended Sunday, April 25th. And I have told no one I know that I am doing this.

I hoped by doing this that my general level of stress would go down and that the overall “drama quotient” in my life would be greatly reduced, and that my level of efficiency would be increased. I also hoped that people would miss my presence, but I really didn’t expect them to. And to some degree all these things were the case. Let’s look at some more detailed results.

Day 1 – Friday, April 23rd

On Friday, I found that I did not crave Twitter until I felt a lot of stress. I guess I did not realize that I was using it to let off steam that much. Then again, I’m not sure it was that effective of a tool for letting off steam. Without it, I was more focused on tasks I enjoy doing but it did not help my focus on things I don’t like or care that much about.

As to being missed, we at least one person sent me a message asking if I was okay, and suggesting that I might be dead. That makes me wonder just how big my Twitter presence is considering only have about 400 followers. I think it is sad that the new measure of life is how active on social networks we are.

Day 2 – Saturday, April 24th

Saturday was not really that big of a challenge. I don’t play much attention Twitter on the weekends. But I did find a desire to tweet when I went to the gym and after I got home. I also usually tweet about Saturday Night in the Snark Cave a couple of times on Saturday. It was weird not doing that.

Day 3 – Sunday, April 25th

Sunday was pretty easy, but I did miss the interaction with my friends on Twitter a bit. But again I don’t Tweet much on the weekends.

In the end, I did miss Twitter a bit, but it really wasn’t that much. I think I was a bit more focused without it, but it can be a nice break to send a couple of tweets once in a while. So I guess I am going to use Twitter a bit less going forward and see if I am more efficient.



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