Things you were meant to know

Hi, my name is Taylor, and it has been 10 days since I posted on this blog. And for that I want to apologize. And by way of that apology, I am giving you this post.

Now I recently finished reading a couple of books, finished listening to a radio drama, discovered a new fiction podcast (well new to me anyway), watched some movies, finished a season one of a TV series, and got addicted to an old, but awesome, game. Now I would like to say this post will contains reviews of all those thing, but it won’t. To be fair, many of the items in question deserve a far more in-dept discussion than I can offer in a single post of reasonable length. So instead I am going to tease (I know I am such a tease) some of them in order to wet your appetite for what is to come over the next couple or three weeks. (And I might throw in some other news as well.)

So here is my story, at CONvergence 2010, I sat a panel on the subject of the genre of Bizarro. In preparation for that panel I asked several Bizarro publishers and magazines for promotional material, books, catalogs, sample copies, etc that I could give out at the panel. Through those samples, I discovered a book called Morning Is Dead by Andersen Prunty. All of the free copies were given out at the panel, but I found out it was on Kindle. (Yes, I have a Kindle 2. Yes, I like it very much. And yes, I would recommend you get one.) So I ordered it, read it, and I loved it. Yes, I would recommend Morning Is Dead by Andersen Prunty. And you don’t have to buy a Kindle just to read it. It is available in dead tree format as well. But I don’t have time to give you a full review at this time. A full review of Morning Is Dead is forth coming, I promise.

By the way, he, Andersen Prunty, has another book titled The Beard. And since I have a beard and it is called The Beard, I figure I am destine to read it.

On a non-Andersen Prunty note, I also finished a book sent to me personally by Brian Keene: The Dreaming Pool by Gary Greenwood. (The copy sent was signed by the author and personalized to Brian.) I would like to say he sent it to me because we are best friends and he loves me so much that he wants me to have his love child, but, alas, that is not the case. Well, actual, I think I can call Brian a friend (in the real sense of the word not the Facebook, Twitter, MySpace sense of the word), but he sent it as part of the subscription I have to him. That’s right folks, I have one of 15 lifetime subscriptions to Brian Keene. (Well, his work anyway.) And yes, owning a piece of Brian rocks. But back to the book, The Dreaming Pool, I will review it soon. Needless to say the story was good, but the actually printed book left a bit to be desired. More on that when the review comes out.

I have now finished six (Zombies of Mass Destruction, The Reeds, The Graves, Lake Mungo, Kill Theory, and The Final) of the eight films from After Dark Horrorfest 4. (I have yet to see: Hidden and Dread.) I was not able to attend the event in theaters this year due to car trouble. But I plan to review all of the movies together once I have seen them all, which should been soon as the last two are in route to me via US Mail and Netflix as I write this. I will say this, in advance of the actual review, After Dark Horrorfest 4’s films are shaping up to be a damn sight better than the films of After Dark Horrorfest 3.

On the TV front, I discovered, and devoured, thanks to Netflix’s on-demand service a cartoon series made by FX title Archer. It is very funny and very wrong. Think James Bond meets Office Space. It is well worth your time to check out, but be warned it contains a lot of adult of material

Now that we have covered the video and print fronts, let us move on to audio. Thanks to the Zombie Astronaut, I discovered the wonderful BCC radio drama, Nebulous. I have a review written of the Nebulous series, which I am editing, that I hope to post later this week.

I also discovered the Drabblecast. I would like to say it is new and I just stumbled across it, but it has been going for a while. And I only found out about it because of my friend Justin. And Drabblecast rocks. In fact, Drabblecast may be my new favorite podcast. It is a great combination of weird stories, weird bits, and awesome production values. I have listened to four episodes so far, I start with 142, mostly because it was the first one in the feed. And thanks to bits like “In search of the Mongolian Death Worm” and stories like Varmits by Steve Lowe and The Golden Age of Fire Escapes by John Aegard, I am hooked. The host Norm Sherman, who does a great job hosting and has a wonderful voice, should be getting an email from me soon inviting him to do an interview on Snark Infested Waters. (You know, the podcast in which I interview cool people who create cool stuff, which can be found at

And it is now a dream of mine that one of my Drabbles (exactly 100 word stories) or Flash pieces get published by the Drabblecast.

Finally, on the computer game front, I have re-discovered the addictive goodness of the best SIM game ever made: Evil Genius. Yes, this underrated, short-lived, James Bond like super-villian simulation was originally released in 2004 and is back thanks to the wonderful folks at STEAM. Yes, you too can build your secret island lair, recruit minions and henchmen, and commit acts of infamy all over the world. All in an attempt to take over the world with the ultimate super weapon. And all this goodness can all be yours for around $10.

Evil Genius is a great game. But like all SIM games it cen get a bit tedious at time, and it is highly addictive. I definately recommend it.

That’s it folks. I hope to have the reviews mentioned about done and released soon.



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