A Manhattan Ghost Story by T.M. Wright (Unabridged Audio) – A Review

A Manhattan Ghost Story (Unabridged Audiobook)
Written by T.M. Wright
Narrated by Dick Hill

Produced by Crossroad Press and SpringBrook Audio

Disclaimer: I received a free copy of A Manhattan Ghost Story (Unabridged Audiobook) from Crossroad Press for reviews purposes.

A Manhattan Ghost Story is the tale of a man named Abner Cray. Abner is a photographer who lives in Maine. Abner travels ti New York to work on a photo book. Abner’s friend Art offers to allow Abner to live in his apartment while he is working on the book because Art will be traveling. That is how Abner meets Art’s ex-girlfriend, Phyllis, and falls in love with her. Art’s dead ex-girlfriend. That’s when Abner discovers the other inhabitants of New York. The ghosts of New York. That is when things go horribly wrong.

A Manhattan Ghost Story is a story of love and hate and madness. It is told as a memoir. It is strange. It is disturbing. And, unfortunately, it is more than a bit confusing in places. It has an interesting twist on ghosts, and how they relate to the live. But that was not enough to make it work for me. In the end I just didn’t enjoy this book.

The story is read by Dick Hill. His voice and style suit this book well. I admit many of the character sound the same, but much of the book really feels like when my grand father would telling me a stories from his life. That make it more interesting.

Overall, I didn’t like this story very much. It is a okay story, but it took a long to get going. I kept getting lost in the first few chapter of the book. I can’t recommend it. If you are a big fan of ghost stories it might be worth your time and the audio is good, but it just did work for me.

I’m giving it 3 out of 5 snark bites.

1 thought on “A Manhattan Ghost Story by T.M. Wright (Unabridged Audio) – A Review

  1. Hi…

    I really enjoyed the reading on A Manhattan Ghost Story. I found it interesting following the characters. I had no problem with the story line or the way it was read by Dick Hill. It was gratifying to have a book that didn’t lay out every detail to me. I had listen and think what was being said.

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