Well folks, I’m going to keep this brief. There has been a lot going on in my life so I haven’t had a lot of time to blog or gaming or stuff for a while, but there are also some coolness going on that I want to share with you:

One, The Adventures of The Snarky Avenger is back with new pages and, it appears that, all the factors that forced Aaron and I to take a break have been resolved. You can check out the latest goodness at

Two, I will be at FandomFest (in Louisville, KY) this coming weekend (June 29th through July 1st) sitting panels, promoting the comic, and generally having a good time. My panel schedule is as follows:

The World of Audio Books (4:00 pm on Friday in the Collins Room)
Zombie Apocalypse (5:30 pm on Friday in the Beckham Room)
Listening to Literature: A Journey Through The Audio Book Process (4:00 PM on Saturday in the Fields Room)
I Love the Craft of Lovecraft (11:30 pm on Saturday in the Morrow Room)

If you are attending, stop by and say “hi”

Third, I am now co-Guild Master of the Redeemed SWTOR (and soon to be expanding to The Secret World) guild. We are on Bergen Colony. If you are looking for a Republic or Empire guild (we have an Empire side guild on the same server named Troublemakers), go check out

And finally, a piece of audio drama I have a part in has been released: The Wendy Trilogy: Episode One. I play Captain Hook. Go check it out at

Well, I am sure I am missing stuff, but that is it for now. Have a great day and I hope to see you at FandomFest.

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