Goals Update for 2/1/2015

Hi everyone,

It has been kind of a crazy week, and I did not have time to put together a more meaningful post. So here is an update on my goals so far this year:

Eat more fruits and vegetables everyday: not going so well. I have made a habit of adding at least one piece of fruit everyday but I was hoping to get to the point of eating a real fruit smoothie everyday. I’ll get there. Just takes time and focus.

Read or Listen to 50 books: thanks to volumes of manga I am doing very well at this. Here is the list so far:

MPD Psycho Volumes 1 – 5 by Eiji Otsuka and Sho-u Tajima (This is my current favorite and obsession. It is hard and expensive to get, but I got lucky and now have all 11 volumes.)

Zombiepowder Volume 1 by Tite Kubo (This series reminds me a lot of Trigun)

Dark Water by Koji Suzuki and Meimu

Bokurano: Ours Volume 1 by Mohiro Kitoh and Moiro Kitoh

One Punch-Man Volumes 1 – 2 by ONE and Yusuke Murata

World Trigger Volume 1 by Daisuke Ashihara

Blame! Volume 1 by Tsutomu Nihei (Tsutomu Nihei is my current favorite manga producer. Is work is visually interesting and his stories are personal and yet vast and weird. He is also the author of Biomega and Knights of Cydonia)

Hard Luck Hank: Screw the Galaxy by Steven Campbell (Audio)

Watch 5 complete anime series: I have watched two: Terraformars and Psycho Pass 2

Work out 3 days a week: this has been a no go as my back is in a bad state these days. I am working with my Physical Therapist and my Chiropractor on this. My back is slowly getting better.

Go to at least 3 now Con ATC (Anime Twin Cities) events: so far, I have attended one event: Outpost Anime.

Out with the old and in with the new

I’m back! That’s right. The Republic of Resistentialism is back and the plan is to keep it active going forward. What might you find here? Well that is an excellent question. The answer is it could be anything from information about me to whatever topic grabs my attention that week to reviews of the anime/manga/books/movies/music/games; and, of course, messages to the resistance fighting against our future robotic oppressors.

 As to today’s post, I want to talk a little bit of about 2014 and some of my goals and plans for 2015. 2014 was a challenging year, let’s look at some of its highlights and low-lights.

  • Highlight: seeing Mike Doughty perform live at the Dakota Jazz Club (in Minneapolis, Minnesota)
  • Low-light: a major bout of depression that started last winter
  • Highlight: working with Trevor, Dave, Renee, Bryan, Mark, Cory, Gary, and Sonja in Business Systems through the end of the year at MakeMusic. (There are many other people I enjoyed working with at MakeMusic but don’t have room to name them all here.)
  • Low-light: MakeMusic moving to Boulder, Colorado
  • Highlight: Finding a new job in the eleventh hour (about a month before MakeMusic “closed” its Eden Prairie offices)
  • Low-light: dealing with a number of drug side-effects while trying to get my depression under control
  • Highlight: Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel (which I have completed twice with my good friend Ryan)
  • Low-light: my good friend Tim moving to Portland, Oregon. (Tim is still my friend.)
  • Highlight: Anime Fusion 2014, Anime Detour 2014, and GameHoleCon
  • Low-light: My friend Chris’ divorce. (I love ya, brother.)
  • Highlight: my 46th birthday party arranged and run by my good friends Inna and Andrew, and attended by all of my close friends. Thank you all for coming and making my 46th birthday one of the best I’ve had in a while.
  • Low-light: Having a panic attack in a MRI machine
  • Highlight: Playing D&D (and other games) with my good friend Dave Olson. In fact, just having Dave as a friend made my year better.
  • Low-light: lots of insomnia
  • Highlight: Attending The 2014 Pikes Peak Prophecy Conference in Colorado Springs, Colorado. (I was able to meet and speak with Stan Deyo, a man I have admired ever since I heard him on PID Radio many years ago.)
  • Low-light: a lot of chronic back pain. (This was particularly bad in 2014. I am surprised I am not addicted to painkillers.)
  • Highlight: supporting my friends Sharon and Derek Gilbert as they stepped into full time ministry
  • Highlight: hanging out with friends while enjoying good food and/or good beer. You all know who you are. Thank you helping me get through this difficult year.
  • Highlight: my wife, Chris, and I make in though very tough year together. I love you, baby!

(For those of you counting, yes, there are more highlights than low-lights isn’t that how it should be?)

 Other things of note in specific categories:

 I think that is enough of a recap. Now for what’s in store (or at least my goals) for this new adventure called 2015.

 General Goals:

  • Enjoy the adventure that life is more
  • Love more
  • Hang out with my friends more
  • To see Davina and The Vagabond play live
  • Take more pictures

 Specific Goals:

  •  Eat more fruits and vegetables everyday (at least 5 servings)
  • Read or listen to 50 books (Follow my progress on Goodreads)
  • Write 52 blog article to be posted here (hopefully one per week)
  • Attend at least 10 live music events (Cons do not count)
  • Watch 5 complete anime series
  • Work out 3 days a week (as by back allows)
  • Go to at least 3 non-Con ATC (Anime Twin Cities) events

 Events I am planning to attend:

  •  Anime Detour 2015 (You can find me in the art showroom working or in the hotel bar with friends mostly.)
  •  No Brand Con 2015 (You’ll find me going crazy as I don’t have any responsibilities at this con. I plan to enjoy it with my wife.)
  •  Anime Fusion 2015 (I’ll be working in the programming depart and sitting panels. Once I have a schedule of my panels I will post it here.)
  •  GameHoleCon 2015 (If I get my act together I may be running a game of M-Force, if it ever comes out, Monster Hunter International, or other odd-ball game.)

Well that’s it. Thanks for taking the time to read this long post about my adventures in 2014 and future adventures 2015. I hope you continue to include my blog in your journey through life.

What’s with this thing anyway!?

I originally started this blog with the intention of it being a place for me to discuss my experiences working in and with technology, specifically the various aspects of software development I am involved in. As you can see by the lack of posts and sporadic posting schedule that that didn’t pan out very well. Other than moving all the material from my older blog, Are those My Gardening Gloves, here there has not been a lot of activity here. There are a number of reasons for that: all the crap that went on in 2012 regarding mine and my families health, focus on my slowly dying podcast Snark Infested Waters, addiction to various video games, demands of my job, my webcomic The Adventures of The Snarky Avenger, various writing projects that have yet to pan out, an attempt to get back into tabletop (or pen and paper) role playing games, laziness, fear, etc. But in truth the main reasons are the last one: fear.

I’m not the kind of guy who wears his emotions and thoughts on his sleeve. I tend to share them with a small group of people. I suspect many of the people I share my thoughts and emotions with would tell you I can be quite funny and insightful when I do talk about the things I am passionate about. (At least I hope that is the case.) I have been held back by the fear of judgement of others. The fear of being wrong about something. The fear of offending people and possibly losing the respect of my friends (or worse, just losing friends in general). In the end, I need to confront that fear if I am ever going to succeed at all in any kind of writing endeavor. And if my thoughts, opinions, and emotions are offensive to people so be it. (My heart is racing as I write this.) As Jeff Hite says in the warnings that graces the sidebar of his blog, Barely Controlled Chaos: “I have opinions and you don’t have to like them”.

So I am going to use this to blog to confront those fears. I am going to write about what is going on in the world as well as my world. Review a few books, audio-books, movies, some music, and a few video games. Write about my other projects: The Adventures of The Adventures of The Snarky Avenger, Snark Infested Waters, a new podcast about technology that is in the works, and some writing I am doing. My gaming interests (table top and computer). My faith (I am a Christian). My personal struggles, triumphs, and failures. People I respect. A bit of politics (I tend toward a Libertarian point of view, fyi). And anything else I feel like writing about, like Resistentialism. Consider it a public journal or maybe a living manifesto. (Yes, I just said I am writing a manifesto). I hope that is it is inspiring, entertaining, and maybe a little educational. I suspect it will be controversial at times. Ultimately, it will be also be a bit geeky.

I’m not going to make any promises on a release schedule. I would like to post something here at least weekly, but I’m not going to set myself up for failure. And if you like what you read here or disagree with it or have questions or comments. Talk to me. (That’s why there is a way to leave comments.) I would like to think that this a place for conversation as much as it is airing my thoughts and opinions.

I look forward to share more with all of you and I promise to make an effort to just writing what needs to be written and let the chips fall as them may.


Well folks, I’m going to keep this brief. There has been a lot going on in my life so I haven’t had a lot of time to blog or gaming or stuff for a while, but there are also some coolness going on that I want to share with you:

One, The Adventures of The Snarky Avenger is back with new pages and, it appears that, all the factors that forced Aaron and I to take a break have been resolved. You can check out the latest goodness at http://snarkyavengercomic.com

Two, I will be at FandomFest (in Louisville, KY) this coming weekend (June 29th through July 1st) sitting panels, promoting the comic, and generally having a good time. My panel schedule is as follows:

The World of Audio Books (4:00 pm on Friday in the Collins Room)
Zombie Apocalypse (5:30 pm on Friday in the Beckham Room)
Listening to Literature: A Journey Through The Audio Book Process (4:00 PM on Saturday in the Fields Room)
I Love the Craft of Lovecraft (11:30 pm on Saturday in the Morrow Room)

If you are attending, stop by and say “hi”

Third, I am now co-Guild Master of the Redeemed SWTOR (and soon to be expanding to The Secret World) guild. We are on Bergen Colony. If you are looking for a Republic or Empire guild (we have an Empire side guild on the same server named Troublemakers), go check out http://guildredeemed.com.

And finally, a piece of audio drama I have a part in has been released: The Wendy Trilogy: Episode One. I play Captain Hook. Go check it out at http://www.gypsyaudio.org/show/twisted-tales/http://fandomfest.com/

Well, I am sure I am missing stuff, but that is it for now. Have a great day and I hope to see you at FandomFest.

SpringCon is This Weekend!

Hello my excellent friends,

I have some exciting news!

I will have a table to promote The Adventures of The Snarky Avenger and my podcast, Snark Infested Waters, this weekend at SpringCon here in Twin Cities. SpringCon is a two day comic convention held at the Minnesota State Fair Grandstand. (You can get more info on the Con here: http://midwestcomicbook.com/.)

If you’re a fan of The Adventures of The Snarky Avenger or my podcasting efforts or this blog Republic of Resistentialism stop by and say “hi”. And check out all the other great creators that will be at the con. (Check out the list here: http://midwestcomicbook.com/?page_id=13)

Hope to see you at SpringCon!

The Return of The Adventures of The Snarky Avenger

The Adv of The Snarky Avenger

Well folks, it has been a long time coming and now it is finally here, as of April 19th The Adventures of The Snarky Avenger web comic will return to the interwebs. Aaron (Aaron Siddall, the guy doing the awesome artwork) and I have spent the last year (more or less) re-tooling the comic and the site. Starting April 19th (tomorrow), you will be able to follow the adventures of The Snarky Avenger, Steve AKA The man with the Bionic Extension (no it is not what you’re thinking), and the beautiful Ninja Princess BruceAnn twice of week (Tuesday and Thrusdays) as they face off against Bugbears, The Easter Bunny, and other nefarious villains from around our world and galaxy. So head over to http://snarkyavengercomic.com and check it out (starting April 19th, 2011).

On a related note, Aaron and I will be attending Demicon 22 on April 29, 30, and May 1st in Des Moines, Iowa. I (Taylor) will be sitting the Podcasting 101, Pro Signing and Chat, RPG’s you might have missed, and Audio Books: Good – Bad – Ugly panels. Aaron will be sitting the Pro Signing and Chat and RPG’s you might have missed as well, and he will have some pieces of his awesome work in the Art show. If you are attending the con, stop by and say “hi”.

Fighting the Good Fight!

As most of you know I am a reader, reviewer, and writer (and interviewer of writers). As traditional publishing has crumbled with the rise of “print on demand” and ebook, many large traditional publishing companies have floundered and failed. Some of them have tried to stay afloat by screwing over the very people who have made them rich in the first place, their authors. One of the worst offenders in this regard is Dorchester Publishing. Since they fell in to bankruptcy they have screwed over their author and former authors in a number of ways. Brian Keene has called for a boycott of Dorchester, and I am with him. (You can get a lot more information on the whole Dorchester situation at Brian blog.) I will no longer buy or review any books published by Dorchester Publishing, and I encourage you to do the same.

It saddens me that it has come to this. In the past I was a fan of Dorchester’s line of horror books because they produced quality paperbacks, and they published many authors I know and love: Brian Keene, Mary SanGiovanni, Edward Lee, Gary Braunbeck, Bryan Smith, J.F. Gonzalez, Craig Spector, among many others.

Help me and many other’s fight the good fight. Please boycott of Dorchester Publishing.

Again you can get more information at http://www.briankeene.com