Hell Comes To Frogtown

I recently watched Hell Comes To Frogtown (1988) (for the third time) with some friends. It is a low-budget thrill ride featuring Roddy Piper and Sandahl Bergman. I really enjoy this movie.

The basic plot, warning spoilers ahead, revolves around Sam Hell (played by Roddy Piper). The film is set in a post-apocalyptic future in which fertility is valued over everything else (shades of a Handmaid’s Tale). Sam is found to be fertile after being captured and tortured for unnamed crimes and takes a deal in which he will be exonerated for his crimes if he rescues and impregnates a group of fertile women from a mutant run stronghold, Frogtown. Sam and Spangle (played by Sandahl Bergman), Sam’s handler, infiltrate Frogtown posing as a slave trader and slave. The leader, a frogman mutant, of Frogtown, captures both Sam and Spangle. Sam is sent to be tortured and killed and Spangle is forced to provide erotic services to the leader of Frogtown. Sam escapes and frees Spangle and the other women enslaved by the mutants of Frogtown. They escape and are pursued by the leader and his goons in an armored car. After some fighting, Sam kills the Frogtown leader and returns to fulfill his contract.

I realized this sounds like the plot of a softcore porno but it is not. It is an action-comedy with a small amount of nudity. It is fun and silly and worth a viewing. If you are looking for it online it is available on Tubi for free with ads and YouTube for rent.

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