Games I Plan To Run At Gamehole Con 2022

“I have this feeling that my luck is none too good
This sword here at my side don’t act the way it should
Keeps calling me its master, but I feel like its slave
Hauling me faster and faster to an early, early grave
And it howls, it howls like hell”

Black Blade Blue Oyster Cult

After having such a good time at Gary Con 2022, I am super excited for Gamehole Con 2022. Here are the games I intend to run at Gamehole Con 2022. This is all tentative as I don’t have control over the time slots (I can request a particular slot but there is no guarantee I will get it) and I still have to finish writing Tomb Of The Robomancer, A New Evil, and Attack Of The Hypershark. I do plan to submit these as soon as event submission opens on April 15th.

MCC: Tomb Of The Robomancer

An ancient tomb has been unearthed in the hothouse jungle by a terra quake near your tribal home. You have been chosen to investigate the tomb’s secrets. Will you be able to puzzle out the secrets of this ancient tomb or will it remain a mystery?  This is a 0-level funnel for MCC (Mutant Crawl Classics). Pregens will be provided.

Thursday at 8:00 AM (4 Hours) – 5 Players

MCC: A New Evil

A strange new group of mutants has begun to appear in your hothouse jungle home. They are encroaching on your tribe’s territory. You have been asked to find out more about these new mutants and where they are coming from. And then drive them out of your tribe’s territory. This is a 1st level MCC (Mutant Crawl Classic) adventure. Pregens will be provided.

Friday at 8:00 AM (4 Hours) – 5 Players

MCC: Evil Of The Ancients

For centuries it has lurked in the dark, forgotten by man and mutant, a terrible entity left behind by the Ancients’ meddling in cosmic forces they did not fully understand. Trapped in this world, this alien intellect seeks only to escape, but to do so, it requires lives. What the adventures think is just another forgotten vault left behind by the Ancients may in truth contain the most terrifying threat they’ve ever faced. This is a 3rd Level MCC (Mutant Crawl Classic) Adventure. Pregens will be provided.

Saturday at 8:00 AM (4 Hours) – 5 Players

Viking Death Squad: The Dogs Of Leadgrave

Despite their best efforts, the people of a settlement called Leadgrave are being plagued by ever-increasing packs of dogs. When an Infinitum holding cell makes landfall near their little town, the locals offer to free the occupants from cryo-torture in exchange for help with their dog problem. The heroes have little choice, but the dog menace hides a dark secret, and now there’s only one way out: straight through the Devil’s Den. This is a Viking Death Squad adventure. Pregens will be provided.

Thursday at 2:00 PM (4 Hours) – 5 Players

Sharktoberfest: Attack Of The Hypershark

A giant, super-fast, armored shark is terrorizing the beaches of California. Can you stop it? Can you discover its origins and prevent more hypersharks from being created? This is a QAGS: Sharktoberfest adventure. Characters will be made at the table.

Friday at 2:00 PM (4 Hours) – 5 Players

Tales From The Floating Vagabond: The Reich Stuff

Can the adventures stop the Space Nazis from giving Hitler the space program in 1936, thereby creating a twisted timeline that even Harry Turtledove couldn’t unravel?

 Engage in derring-do! Hob-nob with historical figures! Shoot lots and lots of space nazis!

This is a Tales From The Floating Vagabond adventure. Pregens will be provided.

Saturday at 2:00 PM (4 Hours) – 5 Players

If you are planning to attend Gamehole Con 2022 and any of these games sound fun jump in and try to get tickets. I think they will all be fun and I would love to play with you.

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